In 2007, the Managing Director of Gelato Eisvertriebs GmbH decided to founding this company, because they and their cousins ​​had become more cream around Geseke and still have to this day. It all started after 1994, the first ice cream parlor opened a managing director in Delbrück and then followed intensive training for ice cream, visits to trade fairs at home and abroad, developing formulations and method of opening another cream. However, in order not to have to produce for each additional ice cream parlor, the manager of Gelato Eisvertriebs GmbH decided to produce at a production site all their ice cream.

However, since the first rented premises were too small quickly, followed in 2008, the decision to erect its own production facility. Since at a place of production and the ice cream is produced in only the ice cream is sold, this meant not only that costs can be reduced,


since it can be saved to investment in machinery, equipment maintenance, energy and labor costs, but also that high hygiene requirements can be better maintained and the traceability of the ice cream is guaranteed. Thus, the Gelato GmbH has Eisvertriebs example, near a hygiene system, which is used for disinfecting hands and shoes, also a Zweispintsystem to strictly separate the work and street clothes can.

The Gelato Eisvertriebs GmbH places besides the manufacture of artisan ice cream, with little overrun, also on the "complete package" for the value customers. This means that the employees of Gelato advice in planning the cream with the help of partners, as are side on the matters ice charts, purchasing, costing and management. Gelato also offers the Eisvertriebs GmbH upon request training in your own cream on.

Meanwhile, the Gelamor GmbH was founded, which is in charge of the distribution of ice-cream produced.